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Want to be a 1337 mIRC User? Then, [Click Here] to find out how.

There's an easy way to use mIRC with a script made by Tonee! Be sure to check it out, configure everything properly and it does the rest of the work. It has many nifty features that will make your chatting experience more enjoyable.
[Click Here] to download the official script for XeroCreative made by Tonee entitled, 'XeroChat'

Select Your Method

What is the difference between OnScreen, and Pop-Up?

With Pop-Up, you can use the Java Chat Applet and roam around XeroCreative Website at the same time!
But, with On-Screen, you are restricted to stay on the chat page at all time to use the Applet

For OnScreen, [
Click Here]
For Pop-Up, [
Click Here]
(Click "Accept" when it asks you) --
Click here for the old chat thingy

Note: You will be brought to a screen, and a dialog will popup! Click [Yes], and the Chat Applet will begin!
then type /nick (anyname you want). them type /join #Yugiohmania

Chat Room Rules

1. No Flooding - Any form of repeating a message within a short period of time for the purpose of scrolling the room, disturbing the peace in a room, or for grabbing attention.
2. No Spamming - Any form of sending a message which may be constituted as unreadable and provides no value to the discussion at hand. Also applies to overly excessive character repetitions which provide no value to the conversation at hand. Also applies to yjr overly excessive use of control codes with the purpose of grabbing attention or general annoyance.
3. Show Respect - Any form of harassment or flaming towards other users is not tolerated. Do not trick other users into performing acts which may violate a rule or cause an undesired effect.
4. Use Appropriate Language - Discussion of topics unsuitable for children under 13 years of age (meaning sexual and drug related topics) is strictly forbidden and, in some areas of the world, is illegal to discuss sexual topics in the presence of minors. This also applies to choice words. Cussing is not allowed, nor are words designed to resemble or express cuss words indirectly. If you are unsure a word is considered a cuss word or not, contact a channel operator.
5. Maintain Channel Harmony - Use of overly excessive CAPS for the purpose of creating an annoyance or for grabbing attention is not allowed.
6. Find Duels Via 1-On-1 Communication - To find a duel opponent, send a Private Message (PM) to another user who is requesting a duel or ask for other users within the chatroom to send you a PM for a duel. (Don't ask to duel by asking users to "press" things.) Provide Information on whether or not you can host and any other relevant details. Don't post your IP in the chatroom, do it in a PM.
7. Respect Rules and Operators - Do not attempt to escape punishment or rudely disrespect channel operators. This includes Grand Exits. Show respect and do not beg staff for an operator position.. you won't get one.
8. Don't Advertise - Sending messages containing URLs for the purpose of directing users to a website for hits or enjoyment or to affect the harmony of the chatroom. The same may apply for blatantly advertising clans and other chatrooms. Any links posted must be approved by a channel operator. Links automaically approved:, or,,,
9. Scripts and Bots Policy - Avoid using any scripts with automated messages or from loading bots or clones without the permission from a Super Operator (&) or higher.
10. Abuse Reports - If you feel you were kicked and/or banned unjustly, you may appeal to the op in a PM who kicked and/or banned you in a calm, polite manner. If you still diasagree with the op, you may appeal to a SOP or higher (& or ~) in a PM in a calm, polite manner. That op's opinion is final and cannot be contested.

Punishments: Ops are NOT required to warn you! They may kick you first or ban you if they feel the circumstances grant it. This is at our discretion. Generally the kick method is as followed: Warn-Kick-Ban-Akick

Should you continuously break rules even after you have been banned for it we will akick you which means you will automatically be banned when you enter the room.

Server rules are also to be followed at all times. Unsure of the server rules? Check out the rules when you connect to one of the servers.

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