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U can get these the same way as the dragons
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Millenium Puzzle Neaget the effects of the millenium eye and add 500 attack and defence points to all you monsters on your feild.(nots when a card like change of heart is used on 1 of your monsters the extra 500 bounus is not add to that monster for that turn.)  


Millenium Eye

Look at your opponens hand whenever you like or his face down cards without activating their effects.

Millenium Ring Add 400 lp(life points) for every zombie type monster on your feild. (note it means, when you summon a zombie monster(or special summon or flip summon) you may add 400 to you lp.) Street  
Millenium Necklace Your opponent must draw and show every card he draws, and show what monsters he plays face down.(note, you can not use this effect to see the first 5/6 cards you opponent draws at the begining of the duel.) Street  
Millenium Scale if you and your opponent have the same ammount of monsters on the field then you can summon a monster with an attack of 4000 or less but not the god cards Street  
Millenium Rod Before your opponent i can control my opponet when they are in the chat room or anybody Street  
Millenium Tauk allows you to stop a magic/trap card 3 times a duel but not undestrucable cards. Street  

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